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August, 2021

This short story was a winner in the WriteFluence 2021 competition.

The plot deals with Jessica Harper's journey as a former lady of privilege trying to make a difference in a rural area, as an English teacher.

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Charting across themes such as white privilege, the importance of education and trying to find fulfilment, this story delves into whether it's noble or not to want to change the lives of others, within a world we do not fully understand.



Jessica Harper quits her corporate job to travel to a rural area to help teach English to underprivileged kids.

Her journey of trying to make a difference soon turns sour when Jessica introduces a chair into a classroom that's never had any furniture within it.



This story is available within the Anthology entitled 'The Land of Infinite Summer'.  

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Wri

Story Quote

"Ntunda smelt like many things. The poultry that roamed free. The burning of newspapers. The fumes from old taxis. It was squalid to the outside world, but it smelt like redemption to Jessica. Jessica walked into a classroom that was barely bigger than her bathroom back home. An old wooden desk greeted her with a worn-down carpet in front of it. No posters on the walls. No blackboard or chalk. And barely any light through the small windows. The kids flocked in and perched themselves on the carpet. Their eyes locked onto her blonde hair, as they placed the underside of their palms on their chins. Her heart pounding faster and faster. See it through, she thought. One day. Get through one day."

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